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As with most chapters in history, our adventurer’s most recent tale is written in blood.

The second party traveled south to face off with the Fey King, donning disgusies to gain entry into the pallacial tree. Upon meeting the King in the throne room, Aust’s brash actions triggered the murder of Frayne’s daughter and a battle which resulted in the Fey King’s death. Fueled with grief and anger, Frayne sacrificed himself to open a portal allowing the party to escape- though their destinations could not be controlled entirely.

During the ethereal travel, the vengeful Barghest from Den Fullbrim deposited Sky and Aust at the brim of a snowy volcano, provoking a battle between good and evil resulting in the death and sacrifice of the Paladin to a being of untold evil power. Aust was rewarded for his actions with a Keep and the newfound ability to create Immolated Servants from enemies he strikes down.

After regrouping, the first party revealed a new ally in the form of Goro the Half-Ogre just as his polymorph magic faded and revealed him to be the hobgoblin cleric Frick. After a brief discussion, the party agreed that Frick would be an ally and allowed him to join the party. After drinks and awards, the group disbanded and went on to take care of their own individual tasks.

Myrn returned to her homeland, restoring the gem to the earth and completing her mission of revitalizing her village. Bottle similarly returned back to Socombre, where he discovered survivors of Half-Half Home trying to rebuild and brokered a peace between the new settlers and refugee goblins; assuming his role as mayor of the new town, Third Third Third Town.

Beren was visited by Bosco, another monster determined to haunt the party from Den Fullbrim, and struck a deal with him to lure the adventurers involved into a trap. Luther continues his mission of research, still bearing the ring which binds him to Fizzlebottom’s task. Noh returns with the Salty Dog to Waterdeep and agrees to help Arsanna by working as a fence for their organization.

Having sensed the extinguishing of a noble light, Blythe, with her new druidic powers, scoured the volcano and found traces of Sky’s battle with Aust. By using his blood, she was able to reincarnate him, failing to restore him to his former Drow self and instead as a Dwarf male. Confused, but alive, he recuperates while his memories slowly return to him.


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